Hello there! 👋

I am thrilled to announce to you our new tool called Flatlogic Web Application Generator. 🔥

It is a compilation of more than 7 years of our professional knowledge in web software development.

The idea is really simple and consists of a few steps only:

  1. Choose the stack for your web application (React, Vue or Angular for front-end, Node.js for back-end and PostgreSQL or MySQL as a database),
  2. Define a database schema,
  3. Choose a design, and that’s it!

Then you get a working web application – you can even generate a live demo to preview the app and modify it if needed. The application is a sort of CMS for the entities defined in the database schema. It has a front-end, back-end, and database completely ready to use and download.

Now you can work with React, Vue, and Angular as a front-end, Nodejs as a backend, and PostgreSQL or MySQL as a database. We have Java, Python (Flusk), and PHP versions under development.

As for the design, we offer several options to choose from: Google Material, a classic one, transparent, etc.

You can use a free version of the web app generator, or buy a subscription that starts from $19 per month.

Tap to watch our tutorial video:


Join to start using it, click on the “Generate app” button on the generator page. 🎰

For more than a year we have been using the generator internally to boost the development process and now we are happy to share it with you.

Send us your feedback: concerns, questions, requests, etc., — we want to continuously improve the product we have built for you.

Thank you!