Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for creating UIs and SPAs. It uses the MVVM (model-view-model) architecture pattern. It’s very popular because of its familiar template syntax and use of components, integrating or migrating existing projects to Vue is faster and smoother. For this reason, VueJS is great for startups, but can also be used in large-scale applications.

Why is Vue.js so popular?

  • Lightweight
  • No Brainer
  • A powerful set of tools
  • Sense of Community
  • Gentle learning curve
  • It’s simply the best of both worlds (AngularJS and ReactJS)

To choose the best VueJS admin template for your project, pay attention to one of the most useful things when searching – what components and widgets are included in the toolkits, and check if they match your requirements.

Top Vue Admin Templates

Sing App Vue

sing app vue admin template

Sing App Vue is designed using VueJS and Bootstrap. It features a toolkit that will enhance the speed, build quality and support of the web application. Better yet, you can use this admin template to build different web applications that include SAAS, dashboard assets and tracking management software.


  • Diagram library
  • Consists of an e-commerce section
  • jQuery-free
  • Fully documented codebase
  • Developed on VueJS
  • Fully responsive

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AdminPro Vue3 + Vuetify Dashboard

AdminPro Vue3 + Vuetify Dashboard

AdminPro Vuetify 3 Dashboard is a powerful and stunning admin dashboard template based on Vuetify Vue3 js Framework + Vite with Composition API. It is based on Google’s Material Design Concept. AdminPro Vuetify 3 is a highly customizable and flexible admin template based on the Vue framework. It helps you to create a well-designed admin panel for your web application in Vue. 2024 Research

AdminPro Vue Dashboard is a multipurpose admin panel, so it is the perfect fit for any niche of application you are building, like CRM, HRMS, SaaS Apps, School Management systems, Hospital Management systems, etc. The design team took a lot of time doing the research behind what could be the best as per user perspective while creating the design of AdminPro. So, this could be the best fit for your project as the hard part has already been done by us.

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Vuetify Material Dashboard PRO

vuetify admin template

Vuetify is a free and modern VueJS template designed using  Vuetify and Vuex. With this admin template, the user can easily develop a dashboard and also edit the sidebar image, logo menu and footer. While a basic knowledge of JavaScript, Vue.js and Vue Router is recommended to use Vuetify, this admin template comes with guidelines to help you get started and use the package in your project.


  • Strong form builder editor that can edit or display any form of text or images
  • Built-in JS view diagram
  • Well-customised admin panel with dark and/or light themes and sidebar images
  • Has full REST API support
  • Features a powerful CRUD data table that can sort, create pages and display images

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Light Blue Vue

light blue vue admin template

Light Blue is designed using Vue and the Bootstrap framework. It’s the second theme on this list from Flatlogic Platform.

The Light Blue dashboard features a transparent style and looks cool on both screens and tablets due to its superior responsiveness.

With its dark blue background and semi-overlapping dashboard information blocks, it gives a modern, professional look, even with SVG maps.

There are several pages in the Light Blue dashboard to showcase the functionality and its components, such as login, logout, notifications, graphics, icons, maps, tables, chat, error pages, etc.

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Vue Material Dashboard

vue material admin template

Vue Material is a VueJS free ready-to-use admin template. Even though it is straightforward in its usage, the template requires a basic knowledge of JavaScript, VueJS and Vue Router.

With its modern design, Vue Material can offer your admin pages a personalised look and feel. When setting up your admin area, you can quickly change the overall style of your project by setting the background image for the sidebar, using different colours for the different elements of your pages and which widgets and components you want to use.


  • 16 hand-crafted components
  • 7-page examples
  • Customise the sidebar background image
  • Choice of different colour options for the background
  • User’s detailed profile, table list and maps

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Basix Admin

basix vue admin template

Basix Admin is a free template designed using Bootstrap and VueJS. With this admin template, a robust web framework can be created. It features elements allowing the user to create any dashboard they want. Basix Admin includes features to create a beautiful admin dashboard with minimal effort on the part of the user.


  • 80+ components and 2000+ free icons
  • Includes Google maps, chats, and form pages
  • Available in light and dark options
  • Fully responsive
  • User-friendly
  • Supplied with 500 and 404 errors as well as login and registration pages

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Vue-Chuck Admin

vue chuck vue admin template

Vue-Chuck is a simple-to-use tool to find the strengths and weaknesses of your web applications. The VueJS ChuckCSS framework is used in this template, together with the Webpack.


  • Multiple widgets, VueJS plugins, and resources
  • Google Analytics, tooltips, and date selection
  • Access to navigation using the menu on the top bar

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Vuestic Admin

vuestic vue admin template

Vuestic is designed using VueJS and Bootstrap. Its eye-catching design features a fresh green color scheme. When you choose the VueJS admin template, you will get a free, simple, and robust design.


  • 36 elements
  • 18 custom icons
  • 18 pages
  • Contains forms, wizards, and user interface elements
  • Presence of icons, notifications, and progress indicators

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Vue Quasar Admin

quasar vue admin template

Vue Quasar is designed using VueJS and Quasar for  SPA projects. It is free of charge and is made up of user-friendly elements that are editable.


  • JSON placeholder as backend API
  • hart.js for chart rendering
  • vuelidate.js for form validation
  • countup.js for number counter animation
  • Gmaps.js for map APIs

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ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue Free

architect vue admin template

ArchitectUI is a lightweight dashboard template on Bootstrap for VueJS. You can easily implement, customize and integrate dozens of widgets and UI components in the free version. But, the pro version is easy to upgrade to if you need more features.

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Purple Vue

purple vue admin template

Purple Vue is a contemporary and simple set of admin templates with a clear and uncomplicated design. Choosing it gives you dark and light versions of the core templates to choose from, it’s all designed with a style that’s sure to give your product and its dashboard a professional look.

Purple Vue is designed using Material Design for Bootstrap and has a very powerful and royalty-free UI suite with 400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, and 74 CSS animations on top of everything else. Plus, it also boasts a stunning visual appearance on a variety of desktops, mobile phones, etc.

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Vue Element admin

element vue admin template

Vue Element Admin is a front-end ready-to-use solution for admin UIs. Based on VueJS and using the UI Toolkit elements. Instead, it’s based on the latest VueJS development stack and has an integrated i18n development solution, template examples for custom enterprise applications, and plenty of great features. It also assists in creating large and complex SPA.


  • Permission-based authentication
  • Multiple dynamic themes
  • Dynamic breadcrumbs
  • View tags ( right-click tab page Supports operation)
  • Sprite SVG
  • Layout data

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Vue White Dashboard

white dashboard vue admin template

Vue Dashboard White is a beautiful admin panel made with Bootstrap and VueJS with a vast amount of components made to fit together and create a stunning look. From prototype to full-featured code, you’ll save a lot of time in the transition, as all the elements are fully implemented. There are different conditions for colors, styles, pointing, and focussing, which you can use easily.

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Vue Typescript Admin Template

vue typescript admin template

Vue Typescript Admin Template is a frontend solution for Vue-based admin UIs, Typescript, and UI Toolkit elements that are production-ready.


  • Based on the customizable Vuestic UI library including 44+ components
  • Custom and in-house color schemes
  • Cross-browser support
  • Responsive
  • i18n-ready
  • Follows the Vue.js official style guide
  • Without jQuery
  • Free and open source

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materio vue admin template

Materio is a free and latest Vuetify-based Admin Panel Template. This open-source VueJS admin panel template is feature-rich and well-configured. The highest industry standards are also considered to give you the best Vuetify admin panel template that is both fast and user-friendly, and perfectly scalable too. With maximum convenience and flexibility, you can create any application you want with a minimum of effort.

Plus, feel free to use this one of the best Vue free innovative templates to create eye-catching, high-performance, SPAs. Your apps are also fully responsive, guaranteeing a stunning look and feel and smooth performance on any desktop or mobile device.


  • 1 easy-to-use dashboard, 1 library of diagrams
  • 1x vertical menu
  • Light/dark theme
  • Basic cards, pages, and tables
  • Simple items

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Vue.js makes it easy enough to adapt and implement the elements every application needs. Likewise, it is supported by a growing community of dedicated developers who can offer help and advice when needed.

Vue Admin Templates are becoming increasingly popular, as they are responsive and customizable and allow you to create any web application to suit your needs and requirements. 

On the Flatlogic Platform, you can also find ready-to-use stylish with modern Javascript and HTML Vue Admin Templates and you can create a powerful application using the platform. Flatlogic is also a hosting platform on which you can host your full-featured web applications. Starting with this approach to building a CMS, you create and host any web application, reducing the time and cost of web development.