You’ve probably come across the phrase material design, and I think more than once. Material design is not just an idea, this concept once made designers and web developers completely rethink their views on new website templates and the process of creating websites and applications. Material design was first introduced in the summer of 2014 by Google and has been inextricably linked to that company ever since. Material Design is a graphic language and design style created by the Google development team. The aim was to help designers create web and mobile applications that are accessible and useful. Graphic, clarity, purposefulness: The basic design theory (use of types, grids, organization of space, scale, proportions, color) should determine the visual effects and form the visual basis of the design material.

The documentation by the Google team breaks down into many specific techniques and concepts. So, for example, Google has developed a set of specific rules for creating styles and layouts (as well as animation, components, etc.) The material design falls somewhere in the mix with flat design and skeuomorphism.

The material design borrows heavily from the concept of print design for its structure and layout. In order to simplify the task for those readers who decided to take on a project in the material design style, we decided to create top admin templates that use JavaScript technologies React, Vue, and Angular. This is the most frequent choice of front-end developers around the world.

There is not a single template in this top that fully meets the recommendations of Google. Each designer makes an authoring revision of these recommendations to achieve the best look and usability. Therefore, there are other criteria for getting to the top:

  • Date of the last update,
  • Free version available,
  • Availability of the most demanded components,
  • Built-in theme switcher (having a dark theme is always a big advantage), and so on.

React Material Admin Dashboards

React Material Admin

react material admin panel
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React Material Admin Free

React Material Admin is a free responsive dashboard template. It’s remarkable by its stylish layout with a light background, a bright blue navbar, and multicolored graphic elements. Due to the great number of ready-to-use components, such as tables, charts, maps, you can use this template safely to create any web application.


React Material Admin Full

This admin template is a nice combination of a technical basis and an up-to-date design solution. All the components of the template look stylish and voluminous. They seem to float above the background. Just pay attention to the Product Grid and you’ll see what is meant. Developers made this template responsive, so its components line up in harmony no matter which gadget the user is manipulating. 

React Material Admin is made with React 16 and Material UI. A new edition of React is enriched with React Hooks that help developers work with React features without referring to classes. By the way, you won’t find jQuery and Bootstrap. The template is developer-oriented: the code is clear and the documentation is understandable. In addition, the purchase of this dashboard ensures full ticketing support, any technical issue will be fixed by the team. 

This template is constructed as a universal base for any app. For example, you can create an E-commerce web application using a section with product management pages.


React Material UI Admin Node.js

If you are searching for a template covering both front-end and back-end solutions, React Material UI Admin Node.js might be a good choice. The template’s name tells us about its origin: it’s made with React, Node.js, and Material UI framework. 

This dashboard is full of numerous features, such as: 

  • Three color themes;
  • Sketch files;
  • Charts Libraries;
  • E-Commerce Section;
  • React Hooks and many others.


Carolina React Admin Dashboard with Material-UI FREE

carolina admin panel
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Carolina React Admin Dashboard is a responsive multipage template that helps to create web applications. It’s made with Material-UI using the React.js library. All the components are combined in a modular system. This dashboard contains a ready-made set of graphic elements – dashboards, widgets, charts. 

The sidebar consists of 7 categories: dashboards, elements, cards, presentation blocks, widgets, regular tables, and forms elements. This pre-build application fits any type of web application, as it has various components and pages, such as:

  • Pagination,
  • Charts,
  • Timepicker,
  • Datepicker,
  • Icons, and many more.

In addition, this template is constructed so that it’s convenient to manage your projects and events.  From a design point of view, the dashboard looks ok to me. The colors and shades are mixed nicely. Graphic elements, notifications, and tooltips look bright attaching the user’s attention. Unfortunately for dark screen lovers, there is no dark version of Carolina react Admin.


Angular Material Admin Templates


espire material admin
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Espire is an admin template made with Angular 9 and Bootstrap 4.  The template has more than 5 types of UI elements. At the same time, it will be nice if the team extends the list with even more items, for instance, with a carousel, icons, tooltips. Using this template, you can successfully create a web application with different data, as Espire provides nice tables, amazing charts divided into Nvd3, ChartJs, and Sparkline. 

Taking into account, that most companies issue invoices, the template contains a sample of such document in a printable view. In addition, there’s a gallery to upload images and sort them by name, date, most viewed. However, the template can be greater if E-commerce opportunities will be added (a product grid, a product page, etc.).

This admin template is light-themed with brightly colored elements. The components look pretty and not overwhelming. They are made easily customizable. Such a nice template looks fresh and catches your attention at first sight.

Espire is not only well-designed but also well-documented. It’s compatible with browsers IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.


Angular Material Admin

angular admin panel

Angular Material Admin Free

This is a free responsive admin template made without jQuery and Bootstrap. This dashboard contains the number of necessary features to create a successful up-to-date web application. Due to Material Design, the template looks fresh and stylish. The usage of graphics for data visualization makes the UI dynamic and bright. Angular Material Admin is also represented with a full version that is enriched with more features.


Angular Material Admin Template Full

This admin template can be used for creating different web applications, such as project management tools, CMS, SaaS. 

Angular Material Admin has a modular architecture. It consists of hundreds of pages and a lot of customizable components. 

In this product, there are:

– basic and dynamic tables;
– amazing charts based on Apexcharts and Amcharts;
– nice typography to modify text;
– elements and validation forms;
– vector and Google maps, etc.

To follow the developer-oriented approach, the team prepared clear documentation and full support. The code itself is pretty self-explanatory to quickly analyze and continue the coding. This admin template is made with Angular and TypeScript without using Bootstrap and jQuery.

This dashboard won’t make you bored. It has four color themes and a dark mode to switch to. Apart from default sections, there are also User and E-Commerce sections to manage users and products correspondingly. Concluding after all of the above, Angular Material Admin Template can confidently compete with other templates.



axen admin panel
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Axen is a Material Design dashboard template, made with Angular. This admin template is a good organizer due to an integrated calendar and a section for tasks. In addition, it’s a nice platform for maintaining connections with the help of sections for contacts and e-mails. Moreover, Axen provides many ready-to-use components, such as icons, widgets, tables, charts, media galleries. 

The template is remarkable by its look&feel. It can be light-themed or dark-themed of your choice. All the UI elements look stylish. You can find a profile photo not only on the navbar but also on the sidebar. This admin template will be an excellent foundation for any kind of application.


Vue Material Admin Dashboard Templates

Material-Pro VueJs Admin

material pro admin panel
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Material-Pro is an admin dashboard template made with Vue.js, Vuex, and Vuetify. The template is beautifully designed in 6 various color themes.

This dashboard is well-documented. It will not be difficult for the developer to understand the code. In addition, there are more than 40 UI elements to work with. The template contains nice ApexCharts, different tables, numerous icons (Material, Font Awesome, Themify, Simple line), various forms (elements&layouts). 

The team added the section Style&Animation that helps deal with components’ properties, such as flex, float, spacing, colors, etc. Whichever application you are creating, you can take Material-Pro as a basis, this template has 6 dashboard variations and a number of apps, such as a calendar, a contact list, a chat, a Todo list.


Vue Material Template

vue material template

Vue Material Template Free

Vue Material Template is an admin dashboard template for creating web applications. This template is made with a Vuetify framework and Material Design. Due to a responsive layout, a web app will fit any existing device.

The dashboard is made as informative as it can be. With the help of graphics for data visualization, all the data is introduced in a clear way. 


Vue Material Template Full

This is a web app template with superb design and lots of pages and components. 

An attractive UI is provided by Material Design. The main space of the dashboard is made in light colors with bright multi-colored accents on the elements. According to the settings, you can change color themes (there are three of them) or switch to the dark mode.

Vue, Vuetify, and routing library Vue Router are responsible for the technical foundation of the future application. If you need to develop an app to sell products, Vue Material Template Full might be a good base for it due to the integrated E-Commerce and User Management sections. This admin template can be used for any other web apps, as it contains a lot of components, such as charts, forms, tables, maps, etc. Numerous UI elements (icons, notifications, tooltips, progress bars) give more options for further development.

In addition to all of the above, Vue Material Template Full is remarkable by its responsive layout, extensive supporting system, and concise documentation.


Vue Material Template Node.js

This is a multi-page multi-component admin template. It’s made with Vue, Vuetify, Vue Router, Node.js, PostgreSQL. This dashboard template is responsive, functional, and well-designed. Using this theme, you can easily manage your data, and you will find here lots of beautiful charts, nice typography, various icons, and many other components. Vue Material Template Node.js is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, IE 11, Opera, Edge. This template can become a good base for the majority of types of web applications.


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