People reviewing Angular admin templates usually think about what kind of intro they should start the article with. But let’s be honest, no one is ever interested in these. People just scroll down and go straight to the point. So this time we thought we’ll skip the intro. We won’t explain why and how exactly using admin panels can save you money, you can read about it here.

As we promised, let’s go straight to the point. Below is a list of angular template evaluation criteria. You will see these at work later in this review. We carefully chose these (and not others) after going through many trials and errors and 6 years of experience in this business. At last, here they are:

  • Design quality
  • Code quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Documentation quality
  • Number of unique pages
  • How often the project updates
  • Quality of support
  • Price
  • Company and Team experience
  • Clients

Top Angular Admin Templates

The list of Angular templates below contains the free and premium admin dashboards we have tested. These Angular templates usually include graph/chart libraries, dashboard pages, alert boxes, navigation schemes, icons, and tables. We looked for some best suitable UI (user interface) toolkits for your project.

Angular Material Admin

The Angular Admin Template can be used for creating data visualization apps, CMS, SAAS, and project management tools because it contains dashboards, tables, charts, maps, and graphics for data visualization. Discreet design and a moderate quantity of UI elements make this template easy and not overwhelming.

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If you are looking for something clear, concise, and functional, by choosing Angular Material Admin Template you can’t go wrong. You can also look through all angular dashboard templates by Flatlogic.

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Light Blue Angular

Light Blue Angular is a fully responsive admin template with a modern and simple, but nevertheless very smooth look. It is a multi-functional admin template with a responsive and flexible design, adapting smoothly to any device. This is definitely a simple, non-intrusive template. This app template uses Server Side Rendering for SEO and Node.js backend to speed up your development process.

You can install the dashboard via Yarn. Type two commands: Run yarn install and Run yarn start and then type two npm commands: yarn run build and yarn run lint. If you need to build the app (without running a dev server), yarn run lint: to check the source code for syntax errors and potential issues.

Light Blue Angular dashboard contains more than 30 pages. The project updates 1-2 times a month and is fully documented: each component is completely described.

Prices vary from $69 for a single license to $449 for an extended license. Basic support is free forever and responds in 24 hours. Paid extended support package prices start from $39 for 12 months. The company can offer integration and customization service.

The company has been developing and selling Templates for 5 years. Apart from the development of templates, Flatlogic has vast experience in developing custom commercial applications. It includes e-commerce websites and appointment management systems. Flatlogic has sold admin templates to companies like Samsung, Cisco, Doculife, and Walmart.

Light Blue Angular is a great alternative to Sing App if you want a dark layout for your app. With good quality support from Flatlogic, you’ll be able to make any type of app: SaaS, e-commerce, or enterprise.

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Sing App Angular

Screenshot of the main dashboard of Sing App Angular

Sing App Angular is a responsive admin template developed with Angular 8 and Bootstrap 4. It comes with hundreds of well-designed UI components, pages, elements, and widgets. Sing App Angular can be used to create SAAS web apps, dashboards, CRM, CMS, E-Commerce apps, etc.

As for the design, despite that it’s usually quite a subjective topic – we can see light colors and neutral fonts. Nothing is overloaded. The template is well suited for building enterprise applications, where you don’t need to use all newfangled trends.

The code has minimum extra dependencies and is well maintainable. It is well-tested and documented.

You can install the dashboard via Yarn. Type two commands: Run yarn install and Run yarn start and then type two npm commands: yarn run build and yarn run lint. If you need to build the app (without running a dev server), yarn run lint: to check the source code for syntax errors and potential issues.

Templates are well documented. There is a quick start guide with an explanation of how to set up the dashboard. Also, all structures and components are explained and described.

Sing admin dashboard has more than 30 pages and many more components. The dashboard provides analytics charts, emails, and chat components. Markdown editor also included. Extra pages include the invoice, calendar, login, and error. Sing App Angular admin template is updated one-two times a month.

Prices vary from $69 for a single license to $449 for an extended license. Basic support is free forever and responds in 24 hours. Paid extended support packages start from $39.95 for 12 months. Additionally, you can receive Node.js or .NET backend for an extra $50. The company can offer integration and customization service.

The company has been developing and selling Templates for 5 years. Alongside the development of templates. Flatlogic has vast experience in developing custom commercial applications and Headless CMS: React CMS, Angular CMS, Vue CMS. It includes e-commerce websites and appointment management systems. Flatlogic has sold admin templates to companies like Samsung, Cisco, Doculife, Walmart.

In conclusion, this template will be a good option for you to start a complex commercial application. The number of built-in components will ease the task of building an application from scratch. The price is quite fair, even for the extended license.

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CoreUI Angular

Screenshot of the main dashboard of CoreUI Angular Admin

CoreUI is an Angular & Bootstrap 4-based admin template. The templates are positioned as open-source, but in reality, you will not get many features in the free version.

The CoreUI template’s low-key design is well suited for enterprise applications. There are dark and light layout versions. The company behind this template also made some high-quality icons and flags.

The fastest way to start using CoreUI is to download a ready-to-use admin template.

This template has documentation, however, not without a small flaw – it is the same for all frameworks. Also, 404 errors are found on some documentation pages. All components are documented, but the structure is a bit blurry.

The website says the template has more than 50 components, such as Editors, Tables, Widgets, and Charts. The project is updated several times a month. Quite a significant advantage is that users contribute to the open-source version of the template.

The company provides free support and promises to respond 48 hours after your request. The website has a special support form for your issues.

Prices range from $89 to $1409 depending on the license. There is also the option of a monthly payment of $89 per seat.

The company was founded in 2013 and has more than 6 years of experience in building admin templates. OLX, DHL, and other companies were using CoreUI admin templates.

It is an overall good template. The price is relatively high – a significant drawback. Plus, due to a big number of components, there is a feeling they might have poor quality.

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MDBootstrap Angular Admin Dashboard

Screenshot of the main dashboard of MD Bootstrap Angular

MDBootstrap Angular is an Angular admin dashboard template containing different styles, data presentations, and a number of components. It is built with the newest Bootstrap 4, Angular CLI, and Material Design and delivered under an MIT license – free for personal and commercial use.

The template is fully responsive. A design similar to Google’s tools gives you a clear view of your data. The style is intuitive and informative. Each piece of information is connected with the corresponding category.

The code is clean and has a well-designed structure. This version doesn’t use jQuery at all. All Bootstrap script was rewritten in plain TypeScript and compiled to pure JavaScript.

You can download the template via direct download, then simply open the folder and work with the template.

The project has good complete documentation with every component described.

This template is built with MDBootstrap, containing 400+ material UI elements, 600+ material icons, and 74 CSS animations. The project is updated 1-2 times a month.

The company has a knowledge base of support questions. The community is also there to help users with questions. The free support is also included in commercial licenses.

The price for commercial use of the product varies from €99 to €759, personal usage is free.

This template has good quality and an experienced team behind it. The quality of support is at a good level with a lot of answers from the community. Updates are quite often. But Material design is not a thing everyone would prefer. Plus, the relatively high prices and the small number of components in the free version are nothing but discouraging.

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AdminPro Angular 7 Admin

Screenshot of the main dashboard of AdminPro Angular 7

AdminPro Angular Template can be used for admin dashboards and control admin panels. The template is fully responsive and based on a strong angular framework.

The big advantage of this admin template is its design variety. For example, there are three ways how you can see the dashboard: modern, classic, and analytical. There are also dark, horizontal, and even RTL layouts for this dashboard. As for the visual part, the design is quite modern, but not too much.

The template is based on NgBootstrap 4x, Sass, and Angular 7, so it can be easily customized. The only problem might be Angular 7, as it is still quite a new update.

Angular Material Template is built with Angular 13 and Material design. Neither jQuery nor Bootstrap was used. What’s interesting is that the template is created with TypeScript, an open-source programming language developed by Microsoft.

The template is supplied as an already built app. The description of the admin dashboard says it has full documentation. However, we haven’t found any links to check this before buying the project.

The admin dashboard includes 30+ Ready to Use Angular Components. It also includes a collection of 3 Unique Dashboards along with 5 Unique Demos. Lots of charts, tables, and form options are presented in AdminPro Angular.

We haven’t found any information on the frequency of updates as the template doesn’t have a public GitHub repository.

The website says you will have 1-year free dedicated support. We believe it will be only emailed or chat support for basic versions. Response time is not specified as well.

The price is ranged from $39 for Single Use to $299 for an Extended license. You can also buy Multiple licenses for $79 and $499. For this price, you get 1-year support and lifetime updates.

The admin sells at the WrapPixel marketplace, so we don’t know anything about creators and clients. But we believe that WrapPixel is quite reliable in terms of checking the sellers. The overall download count at this marketplace is around 38000, which is quite a big number.

This Angular template is well suited for companies that want a few options for the layout. Also, it covers the eastern market that needs the RTL version. The price for multiple versions is quite high. Another minus is that you cannot check the documentation before purchasing the product.

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Akveo NGX Admin

Screenshot of the main dashboard of Ngx Angular Admin

With more than 15,000 stars on GitHub, ngx admin is one of the most popular Angular templates at the moment this list was created. Dozens of general-purpose components were also moved to a separate package called Nebular which is available for installation via npm. The project has quite comprehensive online documentation and community support on GitHub. The template has ongoing progress and maintenance by the Akveo team. It comes with three beautiful visual themes (cosmic, light, corporate), two dashboards (IoT and E-commerce), and more than 40 pages.

The Ngx admin team is well recognized in the Angular community. They also collaborate with the Angular team and publish posts on the Angular blog. Finally, ngx-admin is (surprise!) completely free for commercial purposes, because it is MIT licensed. All in all, this template has a solid code, therefore, it’s perfect both outside and inside.

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CreativeIT Material Angular Dashboard

Screenshot of the main dashboard of CreativeIT Material Angular

CreativeIT dashboard theme is absolutely free for commercial use. The dashboard has a unique dark Material design. It relies on the Angular framework and aims to be responsive and optimized for cross-device usage.

The installation process goes through the package managers. We haven’t found any documentation except that on the installation process.

This tool helps to save development time and contains 40+ ready-to-use widgets, components, and pages. Material Angular Dashboard is completely new, so the information about the frequency of updates is unavailable for now.

This admin dashboard is completely free and open-source. The company provides support via GitHub issues. The company has been around since 2016, but it has never done any dashboards before.

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Angular Admin Template by Angular Templates IO

Screenshot of the main dashboard of Angular Templates IO

This Angular template includes all the components that you might need in a project, plus detailed documentation on how to get started.

The design is fairly clean, however, the color spectrum choice causes doubts. Charts are very carefully developed. The template is based on the latest version of Angular, HTML5, and CSS3.

To install the project you need to download the zip file and set up a development environment. To do this, install the npm and Angular command-line interface. This dashboard has full documentation: every step regarding development is well described. The documentation even has sections as “known issues”, “changelog” and “upcoming features”. It creates the feeling that the project is developing.

The Angular dashboard includes more than 30 components. Updates happen once a month, the support is free and works through email. Also, the company has several databases of tutorials. Prices vary from $30 for a single license to $99 for an extended license.

The company is relatively new and doesn’t have any info about past and present clients and the number of downloads.

If you wish to try something new in terms of layout and colors, this template might be a good option for you. But usually, design experiments are not fit for serious projects. In addition, it just feels quite strange that the extended license only costs you $99.

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Recap and Conclusion

The market of Angular templates is well saturated. There are companies that sell templates through marketplaces and many others sell through their stores. If you want to develop applications for large companies, choose an admin panel with a discreet design, good customer track record, clear documentation, and fast response time from support.

If you want to try and explore developing on angular, then choose the open-source version. In that case, the design isn’t so important.

Bonus: we have prepared a table for you to get a better understanding of the big picture. We will be helpful if you will support us on Twitter (if it’s still alive), LinkedIn, Facebook, and ProductHunt!

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