It is safe to say that in 2021 user experience is crucial. And, subsequently, user interface and overall project design are just as crucial. User experience and intuitive design help your end-user to not only get the overall gist of your project but also build a connection to your brand, which, ideally, evolves into brand loyalty in the future.

The reasoning behind these simple, at face value, truths is actually quite fascinating if we were to get to the bottom of this. It all has to do with the natural evolution of the paradigm of the relationship between the seller and the buyer in the wider sphere of business and, more importantly, in the narrower sphere of marketing. At the moment, the customer’s position is much more convenient when compared to the seller’s one, due to the market’s oversaturation with demand. In layman’s terms, it is always possible for a customer to look elsewhere for similar, even if worth, goods and services.

That is why it is most important for a company to work over its image and overall presentation, especially when it comes to such constantly changing spheres as the web. And, coming full circle to the very beginning of our discussion means paying close attention to your project’s web presentation and user experience and interface.

Luckily, nowadays there are ways to simplify this whole ordeal with the help of such tools as the main “characters” of today’s article – Vuetify and its templates.

Things to Know About Vuetify: Vuetify Pros and Cons

What is Vuetify and what does it have to do with everything that we have talked about already? Vuetify is a complete UI framework that can be built on top of Vue. Thus, the beautiful pun in the name. But, although we always appreciate good wordplay, we digress. The main goal of Vuetify is to provide developers with the ability to create richer and more engaging user experiences in a more effortless manner. And that is not its only advantage. One of the best things about Vuetify is its mobile-first approach to design, meaning that any app builds on this framework works on any device, be it phones, computers or tablets, right out of the box.

But that’s not where Vuetify’s pros end. Let’s take a look at them with the following rundown:

• Vuetify is open-source, giving you, as a developer, to inspect and study from other developers and vice versa. 2024 Research

• Vuetify’s components are reusable. Being based on Vue, Vuetify consists of components, rendering every part of your or anybody’s projects reusable. This fact, in turn, significantly simplifies unit-testing, readability and overall usage of your code.

• Vuetify possesses a large variety of components. And, being a Material Design component framework, we cannot see it as anything, but an advantage.

• Vuetify browser compatibility is vast. As Vuetify is a progressive framework, projects built with it are compatible with a wide variety of different browsers, such as:

  • Chrome;
  • Edge Insider;
  • Edge;
  • Firefox;
  • Safari 10+;
  • Internet Explorer and Safari 9. However, this pairing is only supported with polyfill.

• Vuetify has a large community. And that’s a great fact, taking into consideration the above-mentioned fact that all of the Vuetify components are reusable, as it means that your chances of not only getting competent help from fellow developers on any emerging issues but also finding worthwhile components that you will be able to use on your projects.

• Vuetify documentation is outstanding. This advantage is pretty self-explanatory. The documentation Vuetify boasts is just as good as its paternal Vue. This allows new developers to get into working with it easier and quicker.

But every coin has two sides, meaning that Vutify is not perfect by any stretch of imagination. Let’s take a peek at Vuetify’s cons:

• Vuetify is a Material Design Framework. This is not, necessarily, a disadvantage by any means, but if you, as a developer, is not a fan of it this can be perceived as such.

• Vuetify’s customization can be somewhat challenging. But, once again, this is not a full-fledged disadvantage, as it mainly concerns developers, who are new to Vuetify and haven’t yet got a firm grip on all of its inner machinations.

So, as you can see, Vuetify not only possesses much more advantages than disadvantages, which, in their own right can be dismissed pretty easily but also is a useful and worthwhile tool for your project UI creation and improvement. Now, let’s pay our undivided attention to the other main character of today’s article – Vuetify Templates.

Top 9 Examples of Vuetify Templates

As we’ve already mentioned, Vuetify components are highly reusable. The reusability of Vuetify components, as well as the open-source nature of this framework, are such great features that they alone make Vuetify Templates so significant. In short, as a developer, you can easily create tons of beautiful Material design apps and projects just by taking good parts of different Vuetify templates of your liking, thus creating something of a highly functional Frankenstein’s Monster. And that’s not even taking into account the vast library of UI components, which we, in fact, consider one of the best on today’s market. But once again, we digress.

That is why we consider that it is quite the time to list a number of such beautifully crafted templates in order to show them to you and ignite your imagination to repurpose their components for your apps and projects. Or, maybe, you would simply find a template deserving of being used on your project. So, here we go!

1. Vue Material Template Full by Flatlogic

We are not going to make a secret of it: the very first Vuetify Template was made by us and we are more than proud of it. Even more: Vue Material Template Full is not just a template, but, actually, a fully-fledged admin dashboard, so it is safe to say that you will be able to find quite a lot of interesting components to use in your own project. And even though you are able to do it, consider using it on your projects in its entirety, because it is not just an admin dashboard, but an exceptional one at that.

This powerful and eye-pleasing admin dashboard will be a great fit for your project, especially if it is of the eCommerce variety. It is fully optimized, frequently updated, fully in-tune with and adaptable to any modern devices. Vue Material Template also contains within itself three color skins, dark mode, forms, charts, maps and tons of other great widgets that will assure a speedy start to your project’s great dashboard creation.

vue material template

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2. ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue PRO has a plethora of different components (more than two hundred, to be more accurate) that will help you save your time and effort on developing your own projects. Powered by the latest technologies, nine different color schemes and handy documentation, this template Vuetify Template is very much deserving of your attention.

ArchitectUI dashboard

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3. Veluxi template

Compared to the two previous Vuetify templates on this list, Veluxi definitely stands out, because its main goal is not to manage the admin side of things, but rather to be a collection of versatile landing pages, aimed at serving a number of different businesses. Agencies, educational, medical, fashion companies, mobile apps, etc. – you name it – Veluxi is ready to be of service in this sphere.

The customization process is easy and comfortable with Veluxi, even if you are a beginner level web developer, as it offers eleven variations that you can tailor to your needs and preferences. This Vuetify Template also packs a punch when it comes to the specialties department, having such cool features as animations, parallax effect, a dark mode and around one hundred components and many-many more.

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4. Vue Material Laravel Template by Flatlogic

Once again, we present you with our pride and glory called Vue Material Admin. Built with Laravel PHP framework (hence the name) as a backend, this Vuetify Template is more than deserving of your attention, as it is going to be a great basis for any web app imaginable and we, actually, built this template, partnered with the creators of Vuetify library.

Moreover, Vue Material Laravel Template is packed to the brim with different cool features, like being deployable via Composer, JWT based authorization, three color themes, dark modes and customizable layouts. And that’s not mentioning tons and tons of reusable components.

Vue material Laravel

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5. MaterialPro

If you are a great fan of Lightning McQueen from Pixar’s “Cars” and you are all about speed, then MaterialPro Vuetify Template deserves your undivided attention, as it has all the must-haves and some more for you to experience a speedy admin realization. 

Another great thing about MaterialPro is its proneness to tinkering and creative adjustments from your side, while all of its materials still work in perfect unison. And, after all, it is just a versatile Vuetify Template, as it has six dashboards, three hundred user interface components, predefined widgets, lots and lots of charts and tables, range sliders and forms and many-many more different things for you to explore and experiment with.

Material Pro

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6. Vuse

Simply put, Vuse Vuetify Template is just cool. But, to elaborate, it is not only slick and beautiful to look at. It is also quite versatile, as it includes such features as lazy loading, code splitting, navigation, 27 custom pages, two workable applications and 35 other exceptionally useful widgets. Moreover, Vuse’s documentation is precise and helpful, which is never a bad thing. Summarizing, this Vuetify Template can be best compared to this cool kid on the block from your childhood that does everything perfectly and effortlessly.


7. Bamburgh

If you need to set up your admin panel as quickly as possible – pay your attention to Bamburgh – a full-blown Vuetify template with UI kit. This great entry allows you to forget about the tedious coding and designing process, because all the components in Bamburgh are packed and ready to be deployed at any given moment.

And we, of course, can not talk about such a Vuetify Template, as Bamburgh, without mentioning the great widget it possesses: 

• Six ready-made apps, like chat, contacts, email, event calendars and more;

• A number of page layouts;

• A number of UI elements (badges, avatars, navigation, cards, modals, tooltips and many more at your disposal).

So, as you can see, Bamburgh is not just a fun thing to say out loud, but also a versatile and capable Vuetify Template to fasten the process of admin panel establishment.

Bamburgh Vuetify template

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8. Zero

If what you look for to improve your business’ web presentation are the slickness and careful craftsmanship – then look no further than Zero, as this multi-purpose, responsive and gorgeous to look at Vuetify Template.

What is also great about Zero, given how slick it actually looks, is the effortlessness with which you can tinker around it, add and remove features you need or don’t want. All of that’s not mentioning more than forty components, ten sample pages, six months’ worth of free updates and pixel-perfect design that are already in the bundle. But wait, there is more, as, despite such a plethora of specialities, Zero will still show the highest numbers when it comes to fast loading speed and searching.

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9. Alpha

Talk about irony, as the last Vuetify Template on this list is named after the first letter of the Greek alphabet. But, naturally, being last on our list does not mean that it is the worst one. On the contrary, Alpha is exceptional if what you look for is a beautiful front-end template. We mean, just look at the picture!

But visual pleasantness is not all Alpha can offer. It also has an abundance of useful features, such as sticky headers, filterable portfolio, pricing plans, social media buttons and anything you can imagine your business-oriented project can need. Alpha is an exemplary Vuetify Template that excels at practicing all the latest trends of the modern web market.

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How to Create aWeb Application with Flatlogic Platform

There are exactly 5 easy steps to undertake.

1. Enter a Name for Your Project

2. Choose Your Project’s Stack

Pick the front-end, back-end and database your project is going to work on.

3. Pick a Design

Just pick a ready-made design for your project. No sweat, nice and easy.

4. Create a Database Schema

Unleash your back-end mastery to create a perfect Database Schema for your project swiftly and effortlessly. Or simply choose a ready-made Schema from a number of suggested ones.

5. Review and Generate the App

Just check if everything is a-okay with the choices you’ve made and press the “Create Project”. And that concludes our dive into the astounding world of Vuetify and Vuetify Templates. What is left to say here is the fact that Vuetify is the tool to use if you want your project to not only succeed in this oversaturated and rough web market of today but also look good while doing it. Vuetify Templates will help you ease this process.

That’s it for today! Have a great day and feel free to read more articles in the Flaltogic blog!

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