Bootstrap Templates: Introduction

If you are reading this article, that means that you are moving with the times, because the demand for Bootstrap templates is expected to grow. That’s because of the current situation around the world related to the pandemic. We are not going to hype out that, itโ€™s a very serious and mournful situation. We want to underline the consequences: people stay at home and this is essential to move your activity online. For example, if you have a business, make an app for it, if you dreamed about developing some specific application, put your idea into practice!ย 

The best way to create a web app is by using templates. They provide fast, well-coded, documented, ready-to-use decisions, and you need only to adapt them to your idea. Speed is the crucial point here and that is where templates become the most appropriate instrument to create an app. For an example of a web template, check out the Bootstrap admin dashboard by Flatlogic.ย 

Bootstrap templates are different, and we speak not about the design and the number of ready-to-use elements, but about the technology on which a template is based. That is why we want to discuss the best Bootstrap admin templates built-in pure Javascript as well as building popular frameworks and libraries. To be precise, these frameworks and libraries are React, Vue, and Angular. If you are not familiar with any of them, look only through the best templates built in pure JavaScript or read the Article about Angular and React.

Bootstrap Templates Built With Pure Javascript to Kickstart Your App

One: Sing App HTML5

bootstrap admin templates
Image source:
  • Premium admin dashboard.
  • Minimum extra dependencies (no frameworks)
  • Bootstrap 4.2.1
  • Page reloads with AJAX
  • Special e-commerce section, tons of useful widgets, 8 chart libraries, hundreds of pages like the gallery, calendar, timeline, and much more
  • Interactive tutorial and hints when first opening an app
  • 2000 downloads so far
  • Last update: about 3 weeks ago
  • The cost is $59.55
  • The free version is available here
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Two: Material Dashboard Pro 

Image source:
  • Premium admin template
  • Modern Google material design
  • Built with Bootstrap Material Design framework
  • Amazing and smooth animation
  • Awesome notification and alert system
  • 15 inbuilt plugins, a lot of example pages, 5 different sets of icons
  • Last updated about two weeks ago
  • The cost is $49


Three: Metronic 

Image source:
  • Premium admin universal dashboard
  • Support and development since 2013
  • 11 demo dashboards with different designs and one multipurpose dashboard
  • A huge and unique database of applications, plugins, and components gathered during all years of development
  • One of the most featured templates on the market
  • The most popular template on ThemeForest
  • Last update: about a week ago
  • The cost is $35


Four: Flatlogic One

Image source:
  • Premium admin template
  • Built with Bootstrap 4.5
  • Theme Change Support
  • Dashboards (Analytics and Visits)
  • E-commerce section
  • Chart library (Amcharts, Echarts, Apexcharts)
  • Flatlogic Icons and Flatlogic Typography
  • Google Maps integrated
  • The price is $99.95
  • Fully responsive


Five: Cork  

Image source:
  • Multipurpose admin dashboard
  • Bootstrap v. 4.4.1
  • Smooth and lightweight animation of all objects
  • A multitude of well-designed interactive charts and widgets
  • Huge amount of reusable components and pre-built ages
  • Balanced and simple material design
  • Dark and light layouts available
  • Easy to modify with CSS
  • Last update: about a week ago
  • The cost is $9
  • The template is truly made with love:)
Image source:


Six: Light Blue HTML 5

Light Blue HTML5 Bootstrap Template
Image source:
  • Premium developer-oriented admin template
  • Extensive documentation
  • Awesome transparent design with a deep background
  • New light and white version added
  • Built with HTML5, pure JS, Bootstrap, and Sass
  • Suitable for SAAS, CRM, and CMS systems
  • Huge amount of handcrafted components
  • 30+ pages included
  • Landing page included
  • The cost is $49.95
  • You can download free lite version here


Awesome React Admin Templates

One: Easy Dev

Easy Dev Bootstrap Template
Image source:
  • Premium modern dashboard template
  • Bright design with a clear and simple UI.
  • Used technologies include React Router, Redux, Material UI, and SASS
  • Special dashboards for eCommerce, crypto, booking, and MobileApp
  • Component reload with React Hot Loader
  • Several applications and a lot of general components and specific components for eCommerce
  • Last update: around three weeks ago
  • The cost is $28


Two: Shards Dashboard Pro React

Shards Dashboard Pro React
Image source:
  • Free blog-oriented admin dashboard template pack
  • Optimized for fast performance
  • All components are carefully hand-coded and well documented
  • Includes 15 pages and more than 350 components
  • About 1000 stars on GitHub
  • Modular foundation
  • Multiple plugins like React Table, Chart.js, React Datepicker, and others
  • There is a free lite version of the template that is oriented to blog apps
  • Last update: a year ago
  • The cost: $39


Three: Blur Admin

Blur Admin Bootstrap Template
Image source:
  • A premium ReactJS template with comprehensive features
  • Customer choice on ThemeForest with 2 000+ downloads
  • 7 dashboards for Crypto, CRM, eCommerce and many more
  • Powered with popular libraries like Material-UI, Redux, ReCharts and others
  • Dynamic routing support
  • Async loading. 
  • Code splitting & HMR.
  • Tons of UI components, widgets, and metrics.
  • 25+ .psd files.
  • Neat and minimalistic material design.
  • Last update: around 3 months ago.
  • The cost is: $24.


Four: Tabler

Tabler Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • A free dashboard template with clean code.
  • High-quality UI.
  • Simple and clear design.
  • Built with Node.js and Yarn.
  • Minimum dependencies with fast page reload.
  • A sufficient set of components, pages, and forms to develop an app.
  • Last update: 10 months ago.
  • The cost: free.


Five: Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro React

Image source:
  • Premium admin template
  • Created with Bootstrap, Sass, and HTML5
  • Contains a collection of elements to build an admin panel, project management system, CRM, or CMS
  • The pack includes sketch files from designers
  • Last update: 10 months ago
  • A bunch of optimized React plugins
  • The cost: $149


Useful Angular Admin Dashboards

One: Pages 

Image source:
  • Premium admin dashboard template
  • Multifunctional and multipurpose template with hundreds of customizable features
  • A perfect composition of elements, shades, colors, and spaces in the design.
  • Awesome typography with pixel optimized inter-typeface family and dynamic metrics.
  • Exclusive set of components and carefully designed pages. 
  • 100 + widgets & plugins.
  • 6 years of constant improvements.
  • Customer choice with more than 10 000 downloads.
  • Last update: 23 days ago.
  • The price is $18.


Two: Altair – Admin Material Design UIkit Template

Altair Bootstrap template with Material Design
Image source:
  • Premium material design admin template
  • Popular template on ThemeForest with 3 000+ downloads
  • Easily customizable with LESS files and Gulp tasks
  • Some custom pages and UI components with integrated KendoUI
  • Inbuilt plugins and third-party libraries
  • Comes with a landing page
  • Last update: about three weeks ago
  • The cost is $24


Three: Gene 

Gene Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • Premium admin template with material design
  • Used technologies are Angular 8, Sass, HTML5, Firebase
  • Carefully crafted stylish elements in the design.
  • 80+ integrated pages and 12 integrated languages
  • Comes with all necessary components: icons, buttons, forms, tables charts
  • Includes specific apps like online chat, task board, video player
  • 5 built-in dashboards: CRM, Crypto, Courses, Saas, Web analytics
  • Last update: around 2 months ago
  • The cost is $24


Four: StartNG 

StartNG Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • Premium powerful admin template
  • Based on Angular 9
  • An intuitive design that comes with 6 different layouts and 10 color styles
  • 4.97 stars rating based on 38 reviews on ThemeForest
  • Contains responsive tables, charts, apps (calendar, mailbox)
  • Last update: 2 months ago
  • The price is $24


Responsive Vue Admin Dashboard Templates

One: Sing App Vue Node.js

Sing App Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • Premium admin dashboard template with a modular design
  • Built with VueJS 2.5.2 and Bootstrap 4
  • Also available in Angular and React versions
  • jQuery-free
  • Easy customization thanks to modular architecture
  • Node.js backend with CRUD
  • Great design with charming animation
  • Awesome online chat app
  • Many ready-to-use UI components
  • Great inbuilt analytics instruments like interactive maps, ECharts, and highcharts
  • Product grid for eCommerce section
  • Last update: around three weeks ago
  • The price is $99.95
  • A free lite version is available here


Two: Vuexy

Image source:
  • Premium beautiful admin theme
  • eCommerce specialization
  • 6 different color designs
  • Technology stack: VueJS, Bootstrap, Firebase, Axios, and Algolia
  • Available in pure JS and ReactJS
  • No jQuery dependency
  • Two dashboards: analytics and eCommerce
  • eCommerce section with shop, wish list, checkout
  • Quick search
  • Hundreds of pages, components, and cards
  • Last update: about two weeks ago
  • The cost is $32


Three: Gul 

Gul Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • Premium modern dashboard template
  • Developed with VueCli, Cue, Vuex, Sass, and BootstrapVue Components
  • There is an HTML version
  • Built with pure Vue without jQuery
  • Useful applications like invoice export to pdf, emails, chat contacts, to-do list.
  • Free design files come with a template
  • 250+ UI elements, widgets, pages
  • Last update: about two weeks ago
  • The cost is $18


Four: Piaf

Piaf Bootstrap template
Image source:
  • Premium Vuejs admin template
  • jQuery-free but has a jQuery version
  • Pleasant user-friendly design, efficient UI
  • Excellent composition of handcrafted components and layouts
  • Beautiful charts in a single chart library
  • Excellent design and composition of elements
  • Offers miscellaneous pages like prices, blog pages, eCommerce pages, profiles, etc. 
  • Easily configurable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Last update: about 2 months ago
  • The cost is $16


Which Bootstrap templates to choose? 

The algorithm is simple: 

  1. Define the technology you want to use.
  2. Determine the features and requirements for your future apps (for example, we need group and face-to-face chats, emails, and fine-looking profile pages. Or you have a requirement to launch the app within a month and you donโ€™t have time to customize the template).
  3. Look through the demos of templates built with the technology you need, keeping in mind what you got from the second point. We focused on Bootstrap templates in the article, but there are other options on the market.
  4. Buy the template.ย 

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic develops and sells JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue, Node.js) admin templates that help you develop or integrate web applications into your business. We have more than 10000 customers such as Samsung, Apple, and others that use our products in different applications. Please check out our products and we will be happy to receive feedback from you.

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