In addition to the free versions of the Sofia React Template and Flatlogic One React template, we’ve released three more upgraded versions of our latest React templates. Meet them with a big round of applause:

  1. React Template based on Bootstrap and Material-UI
  2. React Template based on Bootstrap and Material-UI with Node.js Backend
  3. Flatlogic ONE React NODE.JS – React admin template with Node.js backend

Read more to know the details of each template or just run through our React templates compilation to get the gist of the news.

Sofia React FULL

Sofia React Full Template

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Sofia React Full template is a new highly responsive template built with the help of Bootstrap 4.6 and React 17. This React template has all features and pages to start any type of web app, like SaaS, CMS or CRM platforms, project management tools, or financial management software.

We’ve explored the market of React templates to understand what are the basic and the most important features of a good React template. So, we propose a robust version of the Sofia React template with in-depth documentation and a list of the following integral features inside:

✅ Well-documented Codebase
✅ React Hooks
✅ Form validation (Formik)
✅ Login and Signup pages
✅ Static Sidebar
✅ A wide range of charts

Sofia React Node.js

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Sofia React Nodejs is an upgraded version of our free React dashboard, called Sofia. If you’re looking for a beautiful but functional React dashboard template, Sofia React Nodejs is probably the best solution to get your web project up and running.

This version of Sofia React is powered by Node.js that enhances the performance ability of the web apps to the next level. With this template, you can build any type of eCommerce store, just like the giant marketplaces eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress.

It was made with the help of the Material-UI framework for the frontend; the latest version of React, that is React 17, Bootstrap 4.6, and Node.js for the backend. The template got also React Hooks and React Router v5 for routing, and Sass that lets you quickly and easily change styles.

✅ Perfect for any type of CRUD Application
✅ Node.js & PostgreSQL integrated
✅ User Management option
✅ Colorful Charts Libraries
✅ Form validation (Formik)
✅ Login and Signup pages 2024 Research

Flatlogic ONE React Node.js

Flatlogic One React Nodejs

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Flatlogic One React Nodejs is one more fully working solution for your eCommerce project. This React template is an enhanced version of Flatlogic One Template.

This is a multipurpose eCommerce template that will help to kick off your next project effortlessly. Flatlogic One React Nodejs was filled with dozens of UI elements, like buttons, popovers and tooltips, icons and glyphicons, etc. The template has a unique design, a wide variety of layouts, and all the necessary elements of a powerful web template.

It becomes easier to create a fully working front-end React app with dozens of UI components like tables, widgets, tables, and calendars, a fully functional sidebar; various login methods, and other essential options like:

✅ Sleek chart libraries (Amcharts, Echarts, and Apexcharts)
✅ Developer-oriented dashboards
✅ Deep background
✅ Login screen
✅ Different icons and notifications
✅ Flatlogic typography
✅ Flatlogic datatables
✅ Google Maps

Summing Up

And for the rest of our React templates, check our marketplace. If you face any difficulties setting up this or that template or admin dashboard, please feel free to leave us a message on our forum, Twitter or Facebook. We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible!

Thanks! 😌

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