We are proud to announce our new features and improvements aimed at refining the user experience and increasing the efficiency of our business software solutions. The new enhancements focus on improving user interaction, data handling, and privacy measures, further solidifying Flatlogic’s commitment to delivering business solutions of the highest quality.

Multi-Record Functionality

Managing your data just got easier. We’ve introduced checkboxes for selecting multiple rows within tables and a straightforward delete button that streamlines bulk operations. Supporting this functionality is a new backend endpoint, ‘deleteByIds’, which ensures secure and efficient batch deletions.

Privacy Policy Integration

Transparency is key in today’s digital world. To that end, we’ve placed a new footer on both the landing and login pages, providing quick access to our detailed privacy policy.

We’ve also launched a dedicated privacy policy page to keep you informed about how we handle your data.

Flexible View Switching

Versatility in data representation is crucial. Our latest update allows users to switch to a tabular view for entities, regardless of their initially selected representation type. 

Also, an added button to revert to the original view (list, maps, calendar, etc.) is part of this update, ensuring seamless transitions and enhanced user control.

Tabular View Enhancements

In line with our push for efficient data management, the tabular view now includes row selection boxes and a delete button, enabling you to manage your data more intuitively and effectively.

If you need any assistance or have questions regarding this new feature, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team, which is always ready to help and assist you.