We released a free version of one of our most popular admin templates – Light Blue React. This template has a unique transparent design and modern color scheme.

More Info

This template was built using the latest versions of:

  • React.js (16.5.2),
  • Bootstrap 4,
  • and Webpack.

If you need to customize this template, you can check out the documentation.

You may ask why we decided to make one of the most popular admin dashboards open-source? We have already sold over 15 000 licenses of our admin dashboard templates. An open-source version of a product has its’ unique design but limited functionality. It means that you have the opportunity to work with our products free of charge. For us this strategy brings the main plus – it allows us to significantly increase the number of users. Second, feedback from our users helps us constantly improve our templates. So if we have more users, we will have more detailed feedback. If we have a better product, then it worth spending money on. 

We at Flatlogic value the confidence of our clients in us the most. We want our users to trust us with new projects.
So what open-source admin dashboard with a limited functionality has to offer you?

  • Styled bootstrap components.
  • Responsive layout.
  • Tables.
  • Dashboard sample.
  • Charts.
  • Icons.
  • Maps, etc.

So you can create a financial management dashboard, HRM, SAAS, CRM, etc. Admin templates are time- and money-savers. If you need a custom admin panel, it is worth considering going for a template. 500-1000 person-hours – that is how long you will make a template yourself. And if you multiply it on the average developer salary, you will get… Oh my… You will get not less than $25000.

The only problem is that when it comes to customization and integration with the existing software, you need to choose carefully the best option. You need to take into consideration not only the quality of code, thoroughness of documentation, frameworks version, update frequency, etc. The main criteria are the design itself and a set of components, widgets, and plugins. So we hope you will choose the best admin template for your project! 2024 Research

About Flatlogic

Flatlogic develops and sells javascript (React, Angular, Vue, Node.js) admin templates that help to develop or integrate web applications to your business. We have more than 10000 customers such as Samsung, Apple, and others that use our products in different applications. Please check out our products and we will be happy to receive feedback from you.

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