Today we are going to discuss the best admin templates for eCommerce apps. If you are wondering what components an admin template should have for an e-commerce platform, how not to waste money and time customizing a template that doesn’t meet the requirements of your business, we recommend reading this article. It will give you answers to these questions.

There is intense competition between e-commerce platforms. If you want to succeed, developing a modern and stylish application will allow you to stay a step ahead of your competitors and attract more users. Once you have decided to make an eCommerce application, you have two options: either build it from scratch or use an admin template. The first option is costly and time-consuming, the second option is less expensive, but it’s essential to understand that not every admin template fits you. Any eCommerce application has specific elements and features, like a rating system, product pages, social login. On that basis, we identified the criteria for admin templates rating. 

eCommerce template rating criteria

  • Intuitive, attractive, and modern design;
  • Fast authentication (especially with the use of social login);
  • Notifications and popovers (users need to understand how the application respond to their requests);
  • The presence of a rating system for products;
  • Well-designed catalog, unique and memorable product pages;
  • A variety of analytic tools like charts, tables, and graphs for your growth estimation.

Besides, time brings new color palettes, design trends, and technology, so one more thing to consider is the release date of an admin template and how often it is updated. We considered all these requirements and prepared a list of the best admin templates in 2019 for e-commerce applications.  

1) Light Blue React Node.js

React Template
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Light Blue React Node.js is a React template integrated with Node.js backend. The design concept looks very remarkable, the background is static with smooth Light Blue lines in it that seem to come in waves. The colors match perfectly, the UI components have the right size, while the balance between space and information doesn’t raise a feeling that the dashboard is overwhelmed with unnecessary widgets or information. The design is simple, clean, and provides users with an unforgettable experience – this is one of the biggest advantages of this template compared to all other admin templates. And you can see it for yourself by viewing several demos of premium templates. 2024 Research

The template has a special section for eCommerce built with Node.js where you can find three pages for product management with product ratings, photos, description page, an ability to highlight products as favorite. It also contains ready-to-use working authentication and social login. Among other components, there are notifications, popovers, unstable list, forms wizard, tables CRUD application.

There are three dashboards for data analysis with highly customizable widgets, simple and complicated charts, and world/continents map, which is a must-have feature for e-commerce admin panel from our point of view.   

The template is continuously updated (the last update was this summer) and with support from a professional team.     


2) Dashforge

Bootstrap 4 dashboard template
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Dashforge is a responsive Bootstrap 4 dashboard template. The template has a skin customizer where you can choose the design palette you like. It contains four skin modes for the navigation panel and three for the dashboard, the forth dark mode for the dashboard is marked “coming soon”. We recommend to use a “cool” skin for the main dashboard, and a charcoal skin for the navigation panel since these modes make the material design more noticeable. Although you choose colors for the interface, the design concept shows integrity and it’s a pleasure to work with the dashboard.   

It needs to be said the Dashforge includes four different dashboards, one of which is devoted to cryptocurrency with price indexes, icons of Bitcoin and Altcoins, graphs, portfolio, and latest crypto news, and it is one of the neatest examples of such a dashboard. The second dashboard is built for sales monitoring through graphs, charts, a global map of sales, and several indicators. All this information can be printed or saved in external files for further sharing. The color range of the whole template has been picked so carefully, that you get the main point from each widget immediately after visiting the page.

You can also find widgets with transaction history, new customers, global graphs for earnings, and the map of continents to track revenue. The third dashboard provides you with tools to track your user activity: visits, behavior with the length of sessions, the average amount of visited pages, etc. And the last dashboard allows you to understand user satisfaction (according to rating), how complaints are processed, an average speed of answers, and other tools for incoming ticket management and the results of the work with users. These four dashboards give you powerful tools for supervision in your eCommerce app. This is a strong side of Dashforge. 

Bearing in mind the mentioned strength for analysis, we have to note the absence of patterns for product description pages, product grid, and cart. Besides standard UI components, an invoice page is available in the template. You can also see authentication pages with a social login option, a pricing page and several pages for users. UI components have been put in a separate section with its navigational panel since there are a lot of them in the template. The template was released in 2019 but we didn’t find any information about its latest update.    

To sum up, the interface of Dashforge is easy to understand and well-designed. This template is an example of a well-structured admin panel with user-friendly design and great analytic dashboards and will fit not to all e-commerce projects, but it is still worth your attention.


3) Sing App React Node.js 

React Node.js Template
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Sing App React Node.js is a React admin template integrated with Node.js backend and Postgres database with a minimalistic and simple design, intuitive navigation, and two available themes. This concept can be easily named a lightweight and elegant design. 

An eCommerce section consists of three pages, that are: product management list with a short description of products, its images, price, rating, and API for editing and deleting, product grid with filters by different product features, product page with big products images, rating and reviews, a button for adding to bag, and a star-shaped button for favorite things. All pages look stylish, have great functionality while a big size of images draws attention to the most essential part of the page – to the product.

The template comes with forms, charts, more than 60+ UI components, including notification and popovers. To get started with your project you will get tens of pages for the calendar, login (Social Login also presents here), timeline, etc.           

The template has been updated several times since its first release and one of the updates was with the addition of Node.js pages for eCommerce, which is a good decision from our point of view because Node.js allows you to have frontend and backend of the app in one programming language.


4) Able Pro 

Angular Dashboard
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Able Pro is an admin template that has three different versions based on the technology used in the development: HTML, Angular, and React. The version of the template is 8.0, so it has come a long way to the present moment. The first version was released in 2017 and has been already updated seven times since then. It means that you can see a rare example of constantly improving product instead of developing new ones. Let’s talk about the template itself. 

The design concept is based on the latest trends using vibrant colors. Such a palette makes the dashboard look bright, and rises optimistic feelings. These energetic and fun colors match perfectly with tender pearlescent on the background. On the right side, you can see a hidden setting with different colors and images for the background and a navigational panel – we are sure you find one for your taste. 

Since this is the only product, the template is developed for every conceivable type of project. It includes dashboards for Sales, CRM, Analytics, and admin panels for school (!), crypto, hospital, and many others. But we are interested in the eCommerce section which also is in the template. eCommerce section includes pages for product management, orders (track option presents here), shopping cart, and for customers and sellers (these are just two pages with lists and attributes for the list element, but the idea to make separate pages for customers and sellers is thought-provoking). 

Among UI components, we are sure this template has almost everything that has ever existed. It has not only UI elements but also widgets, charts, forms, pages. You will get access to four different pages for sign in, three pages for invoices management, a lot of charts, and 100+ widgets, so it will take a long time just to view all components.      

To sum up, the material design of Able Pro with its vivid bright palette looks friendly and fresh. The amount of widgets and UI elements exceeds your expectations, but because of that, an app developed on top of this template will be hard to customize to make it looks original and unique.   


5) React Material UI Admin Node.js

React Material Node.js Template
Image source:

This is a material dashboard template created with React 16, Node.js, and PostgreSQL. This template is designed in the finest tradition of modern trends. Built with Material-UI framework, the template stands out by three colors themes, hundreds of components and pages, modular architecture. Acquaintance of the user with React Material UI Admin starts with a beautifully designed login screen. Then after authorization, the user can experience all the integrated functionality and stylish layout. The template already includes E-commerce section made with Node.js. Developers from Flatlogic team prepared the Product Manage, Product Grid, Product page as a basis for a successful configuration of the section. On the Flatlogic web site, you can find more website dashboard templates.


6) Egret 

Angular admin dashboard
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Egret is a pure Angular admin dashboard, it’s Bootstrap and jQuery-free. The design is simple, the template has got four prebuilt themes, and it’s super easy to create your own since the template has a customizer that allows you to configure a layout the way you want.

eCommerce section has all the essential pages for your application. Among them, you can find product management, cart, checkout, etc. One additional function that will be helpful for eCommerce apps is a “Tour”. It provides users with a step-to-step guide on how to use the app. This function will become a great addition to your app if you decide to make it more complicated.

For information analysis, you can find three dashboards that provide you with tools like charts, tables, and widgets to measure success, growth, and progress. A distinguishing feature of the template is the number of unusual UI components, like lazy loading, already mentioned tour, snack bar, modals, invoice builder, and some other elements. The template has more than ten pages for users session management (like a sign in, sign up, lock screen pages, and an option for social login). It is fully supported and updated several times a year, the last update was this summer.


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