User management is defined as the effective management of users and their accounts, granting them access to various IT resources such as devices, applications, systems, networks, SaaS services, storage systems, and more.

User management enables administrators to grant access, manage user access, and monitor user accounts. User management is an essential component of identity and access management (IAM) and serves as a fundamental form of security.

In the development of business software, implementing an ID system for user authorization and secure access is fundamental. Such systems not only safeguard resources but also facilitate critical operations like service management, human resources, and security, underscoring their importance in creating a secure and efficient digital working environment.

The use of user management helps to better control users, improves the user experience, and ensures access to important resources for all who need them. 

Main Benefits of User Management

By managing users, IT admins can manage resources and access as needed to secure digital assets. It also provides seamless access to the end user, greatly enhancing the user experience. The introduction of cloud technology has improved user management by opening up access to more web-based applications. Users now have many more digital resources at their disposal, so cloud-based user management is quickly becoming the system of choice. In addition, effective user identity management lays the foundation for improved identity access management, which is an important aspect of security.

Effective user management in business software plays a pivotal role in optimizing license utilization, ensuring organizations can fully leverage their software investments. By monitoring user-based licenses and installations, businesses not only adhere to compliance but also achieve cost savings by preventing unnecessary expenditures on redundant software purchases, highlighting the strategic value of sophisticated user management systems.

User management can help organizations plan their budgets by identifying areas of potential software spend. User management helps companies figure out which areas or users need new licenses and when. It also helps companies identify when users no longer need a particular piece of software and then mark it for disposal or rental to other users who do. 2024 Research

Light Blue


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Light Blue is an undeniable find for developers, created with React and Bootstrap 4. The name of this React admin template may seem confusing, because it’s not the color of the template that is meant here, but the “lightness” of the dashboard. It uses server-side rendering for SEO optimization and Node.js for the backend. The light blue React admin template is used to create analytic dashboards, e-commerce apps, CMS, SASS web apps, CRM, and many other web projects.

Sing App


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Sing App is one of our advanced React templates with rich functionality developed by Flatlogic. This template has become a real bestseller since 2018 and is praised by developers worldwide. Sing App Admin template is developed with the help of popular Bootstrap 4, React 16, and Vue.js. It features 8 chart libraries, a user management option, a rich eCommerce panel, a static and hover sidebar, nice looking user growth, profit and order sections, and well-detailed documentation. Explore all the perks of the template yourself. Use Sing App React to build online stores, SaaS, CMS, financial dashboards, project management tools, etc. 



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With ArchitectUI, a React dashboard template that specializes not only in design but also functionality, you have full control over the entire application to make it as successful as you want it to be. There are a variety of templates to choose from in the kit, all of which support mobile devices that are cross-browser compatible and compatible with Retina screens. More precisely, ArchitectUI offers 9 dashboard templates that you can use and improve until they fit your application.

ArchitectUI showcases the latest innovations in web admin design, such as powerful integrations, bulk elements, updated tools, improved navigation, and reduced white space. ArchitectUI includes 150 components, 23 button styles, five dropdown styles, five icon packs, eight color skins, and more. Reach your full potential with ArchitectUI.



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Wieldy offers nine dashboards and three different layouts to launch your new admin area or control panel. This elegant admin template and starter kit includes all the libraries you need to create your own small or complex app without much effort. To help you get started, Wieldy provides you with over 120 pages that you can use in your project. The selection includes over 100 widgets and metrics that will let you easily populate your app pages with elements such as maps, chats, and signup forms. Applying one of the preset color schemes to your dashboard is also easy with Wieldy. As for the code, everything is well documented, making it easy to create a custom app.

Another reason to choose Wieldy is the ability to extend your dashboards with the included apps. Whether you want to add a postbox, chat, or notes app to your management area, this product will help. Saving and managing contacts within a dashboard created with Wieldy is also possible, thanks to this product’s built-in features, which make these templates a suitable option for creating a CRM system.



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Lexa designed a simple and beautiful admin template using Bootstrap ^5.0.0-beta2. It has 6+ different layouts and 3 modes (Dark, Light, and RTL). You can easily change any layout or mode by changing a few lines of code. With Lexa, you can start small and large projects or update the design in an existing project. It’s very fast and simple, beautiful and elegant, and offers the ultimate user experience. 

Lexa Django is an admin dashboard template that is a beautifully designed, clean, and minimal admin template with a dark and light layout with RTL options. You can create any web application like Saas interface, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, CRM, CMS, project management applications, admin panels, etc.



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HIX App is a professional UI mobile dashboard kit for Sketch. HIX is a powerful and super customizable template that is best suited for all types of admin and client dashboards. This template includes 38 pre-built layouts and 50+ widgets with various features and options. The template is designed using the latest design standards and Apple iOS guidelines.

HIX App is a great choice for creating a flexible multipurpose mobile dashboard as well as an admin area. This template is ideal for analytics, traffic statements, stock trading, cryptocurrency, and trading tools, task manager and planning, regional sales statements, GPS tracking, e-currency wallets, CRM, chat, and user management. It includes easily customizable components, widgets, modules, charts, and apps that let you create interfaces and powerful mobile applications.



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Wafi is a premium Bootstrap 4 Admin Template that comes with 7 Unique Dashboards and 36 Layout Options. It is fully responsive and built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS3, and Sass. It has a huge collection of reusable UI components and is integrated with the latest jQuery plugins. It can be used for all types of web applications like custom admin panel, Project management dashboard, Admin dashboard, Sales dashboard, eCommerce dashboard, Helpdesk dashboard, Backend application, or CRM.



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Minia Codeigniter is a simple and beautiful admin template built on Bootstrap ^5.1.0. It has 6+ different layouts and 3 modes (Dark, Light, and RTL) controlled by body attributes. You can easily switch to any layout or mode by changing a few lines of code. You can start small and large projects with Minia Codeigniter 4 or update the design in an existing project. It is fast and easy as it is beautiful, nimble, and provides the ultimate user experience. While it is permissible to use stock images and stock videos in a project, too many generic photographs cheapen a design. Designers must also use discretion in terms of selection.

Minia is an admin dashboard template that is a beautifully designed, clean, and minimalist admin template with a dark and light layout with RTL options. You can create any kind of web application like Saas interface, e-commerce, cryptocurrency, CRM, CMS, project management applications, admin panel, etc.



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Stor is an admin website template based on the React platform. It uses the Lerna mono repo architecture and includes Storybook-compatible UI components. In this React JS dashboard template, all elements are written in strict TypeScript. React Context manages the global state. Tailwind CSS is used to create reusable components. Form validity checks are performed by React Hook Form.

In addition, charts are created using ChartJS, Echarts, and Chartist. The charts are interactive and React hooks are used throughout the application. There is no jQuery dependency in this React HTML template for an admin website.

Stor – React JS admin dashboard template comes with 5 pre-built dashboard templates, pre-built apps (chat, contacts, file manager, calendar, etc), pre-built pages (login and registration, etc), responsive layout, and more. It is fully compatible with browsers.

Epic UI


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Epic Angular UI Application is a responsive Angular 8 admin template based on the Bootstrap 4X framework. It uses all Bootstrap components in the design and rebuilds the styles of many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as UI for backend applications.

Building your User Management Template using Flatlogic Platform

The Flatlogic platform is our way of bridging the gap between developing your applications and using templates. Applications running on the same technologies usually use the same elements and components. In many cases, the main difference at the technical level is the database schema, which takes into account different data processing and storage mechanisms. The Flatlogic platform allows you to create your user management templates with a beautiful design, combining parts and creating only those that need to be unique. It’s as simple as it sounds, and sometimes even simpler.

Step 1. Choosing the Tech Stack

In this step, you’re setting the name of your application and choosing the stack: Frontend, Backend, and Database.

Step 2. Choosing the Starter Template

In this step, you’re choosing the design of the web app.

Step 3. Schema Editor

In this step, you can create your database schema from scratch, import an existing schema, or select one of the suggested schemas.

To import your existing database, click the Import SQL button and select your .sql file. After that, your database will be opened in the Schema Editor where you can further edit your data (add/edit/delete entities).

If you are not familiar with database design and find it difficult to understand what tables are, we have prepared some ready-made sample schemas of real applications that you can modify for your application:

  • E-commerce app;
  • Time tracking app;
  • Book store;
  • Chat (messaging) app;
  • Blog.

Next, you can connect your GitHub and push your application code there. Or skip this step by clicking the Finish and Deploy button and in a few minutes your application will be generated.

Summing up

The Flatlogic platform also has numerous ready-to-use templates with built-in user management features with modern design and various stacks that will help you create a powerful application with the platform. Flatlogic is also a hosting platform where you can host your fully functional web applications. With this approach to building a CMS, you’ll be able to create and host any web application, reducing the time and cost of web development.