Code generation tools are essential for any software development project as they help streamline processes and optimize the development workflow.

Are you looking for the best code-generation tools to speed up your development process? If you’re also wondering which code generator is the most efficient? What features do the best code generator tools have? How can I get the most out of my code generator? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the 10+ best code generation tools available.

As the demand for faster, more efficient software development grows, so does the need for efficient, reliable code generators. Developers rely on code generators to quickly create code that is optimized for different platforms while ensuring that the code is clean and easy to read. Code generation tools can help reduce the time needed to develop software, save developers time, and improve the overall quality of the code. In the realm of business software, code generators play a pivotal role in streamlining development workflows, enabling companies to swiftly adapt to market changes and maintain a competitive edge.

By reading this article, you will have a better understanding of the best code-generation tools available. We’ll examine their features, the advantages, and disadvantages of each, and review the best solutions for your development needs. So, let’s get started!

What are Code Generation Tools?

Code generation is pretty simple and you are likely already doing it. In almost all modern web application frameworks there is some sort of template mechanism. Developers may focus on a high degree of abstraction while developing thanks to code generation. It converts human-written high-level code into a low-level language. In other words, it creates source code from the project’s description or model. This enables us to speed up the application development process and shields our code from human mistakes, which even the most experienced engineers are prone to. Incorporating code generation into the development of business software not only accelerates the creation process but also enhances the reliability and efficiency of the applications, crucial for meeting business objectives and staying ahead in competitive markets. 2024 Research

Benefits of using code generation tools:

  • Time-saving and faster turnaround to release.
  • Less hand coding so fewer human errors.
  • Reuse across multiple applications.
  • Better coverage for testing and quality.
  • Consistent architecture ready for extension.
  • Better documentation.

We’d like to share with you some not so well-known, but valuable code-generation tools in this article.

NameKey FeaturesBest Suited ForTarget AudiencePricingCustomization Options
BootifyCustomizable for Spring Boot applications, database compatibilitySpring Boot applications, project management toolsEnterprise developersNot specifiedHigh customization for Spring Boot apps
Flatlogic PlatformCRUD web app generation, user authentication, Docker containerCRM, CMS, e-commerce, admin panelsWeb developers, businessesSubscription-basedExtensive customization for web apps
fastCodeOptimized functions for Delphi and C++ BuilderDelphi and C++ Builder applicationsDelphi and C++ developersFree, open-sourceLimited customization
AicodooLow-code AI technology, unique code generationCustom software development projectsSoftware engineersNot specifiedAI-driven customization
CelerioReverse engineering of database schemas, template customizationData-oriented applications with relational databasesDatabase developersFree, open-sourceTemplate-based customization
Code-bay.ioWeb API generation based on Swagger formatWeb API development, reducing technical debtWeb developersNot specifiedSwagger-based customization
AtomWeaverABSE methodology, diverse file generationSoftware projects requiring extensive expertiseExperienced software developersNot specifiedHigh customization with ABSE methodology
AcceleoTemplate-based code generation, interoperability customizationProjects requiring generation from EMF modelsDevelopers using EMF modelsFree, open-sourceTemplate-based customization
CSS Code Styling GeneratorDynamic CSS button creation, customizable hover effectsWeb developers focusing on UI/UX designWeb designers, front-end developersFreeHigh UI customization
CodeSmith GeneratorTemplate-driven source code generator, language-agnosticGeneral software developmentSoftware developers of all levelsPaidExtensive template-based customization
AppGiniRapid web app development, drag-and-drop database featuresQuick development of database-driven web applicationsWeb developers, small businessesPaidGUI-based customization for web apps


Bootify is a sophisticated solution for creating Spring Boot applications that aid companies in their daily operations. Based on built-in functions like Gradle or Maven, organizations may tailor the specification to suit their requirements. They may also add dependencies and activate Swagger UI. Additionally, many database management systems, including MySQL, Maria DB, and Oracle, are Bootify-compliant, making it simpler for project management teams to gain a clear picture of their completed tasks and work in progress. Developers may complete their work with ease because of the range of functions that are offered inside the same. With the help of this specific tool, businesses can go forward with their customized settings, iterate and discuss apps before writing any code, and quickly build up their domain model, REST API, and application. Last but not least, sophisticated capabilities provided by Bootify, such as Flyway/Liquibase schema creation, customized REST APIs, and Spring Security with JWT, are quite helpful.

Flatlogic Platform

Flatlogic Platform – is a platform that helps you to create, host, and develop a fully workable CRUD web application with front-end, back-end, and database. The generated application is an excellent foundation for further development with user authentication, data management, and a ready-made basic structure. 

Flatlogic full-stack web application generator is a tool for quickly creating web applications from scratch. The agency provides the UI for creating the database schema from which you generate the application code base. All you have to do is think about your future application’s database schema. Equally importantly, you can also create static websites using our generator.

You can create almost any type of web application with the help of the tool:

  • CRM;
  • Headless CMS;
  • E-commerce CMS;
  • Admin Panel;
  • Data management app;
  • Inventory management application;
  • UI for the database.

Let’s take a look at the features of applications generated using the Flatlogic full-stack web application generator:

  • The application created with Flatlogic is fully responsive;
  • The application has ready-to-use authorization and authentication features;
  • According to the previously created database structure, all backend and frontend logic is created automatically;
  • Each application comes with a Docker container that facilitates deployment on any hosting platform;
  • Flatlogic automatically creates a Swagger-documented API for each element generated by the generator;
  • Forms, buttons, tables, and the entire layout are pre-configured;
  • The tool is also fully integrated with GitHub, so you can quickly create new entities and tables without writing new code, publish them to GitHub and collaborate with other developers on your project;
  • The WYSIWYG editor is ready to use in the apps you create;
  • The application will include some search, filtering, and validation features.


FastCode is an open-source programming initiative to give Embarcadero Delphi and C++ Builder improved runtime library functions. Dennis Kjaer Christensen established it in 2003, and it has since added highly optimized features to the 32-bit Delphi runtime library (RTL). Due to its community-driven and open-source nature, FastCode stands out among contributions to commercial compiler runtime libraries.


  • Single-page app with ReST API
  • Security
  • Integrated logging & exception handling
  • DB Versioning
  • Testing
  • Updates & Upgrades
  • Process Models
  • Forms & Pages
  • BPMN Engine
  • Administration


Aicodoo offers low-code AI technologies that generate unique code for each of your unique software development projects. Aicodoo blends the adaptability and customizability of individual development with the speed and productivity of low code.

How it works:

  • learns from the code you already have. 
  • assembles whole new source code, modules, (micro)services, APIs, and programs. 
  • AI intelligently modifies the produced code to match certain coding patterns, technology stacks, integrations, and enterprise architecture. 
  • Aicodoo produces all the tedious scaffolding and boilerplate code fast, freeing developers to concentrate on the essential business logic. 
  • Developers have complete explainability and simple control over the code creation using aicodoo. 
  • NO downloading of licensed or flawed code from the internet. 
  • WITHOUT tool lock-in. Aicodoo may be pulled in and pushed out at any stage of the development process.


Celerio is a code generator tool for data-oriented applications. The entity-relationship model utilized by all relational databases is the input used by Celerio. Most developers are familiar with this paradigm because it is used in production. Celerio connects to your database and does a reverse engineering of your database schema to acquire this model. Oracle, My SQL, Postgres, DB2, etc. are supported by Celerio. 

Config files can be used to enhance the model. You might, for instance, define some bi-directional relationships, rename certain variables, or configure inheritance. Following that, Velocity-written code generation templates are executed by Celerio.  The ready-to-use code-generating templates that come with Celerio are arranged into template packs (such as the “Backend” pack, the “JSF 2” pack, etc.). The majority of data-oriented applications’ use cases are covered by these templates. You may create your generation templates by drawing influence from those already in existence.

Code-bay is a code creation tool that enables programmers to create web APIs based on the Swagger format quickly and with a user-friendly interface. Without the requirement for additional client-side software, it offers IDE plugins that allow you to download and include this automatically created code right into your projects. 

With a rudimentary editor, designing Swagger Apis may take a lot of time since you need to be comfortable with the syntax and the design becomes more complex as your application expands. You have to alternate between your pathways, replies, and definitions frequently, which may rapidly become a nightmare.

Designing APIs has never been simpler than it is with Code-bay. With just a few clicks, you can build pathways, definitions, and replies without having to worry about syntax since everything is taken care of automatically. Code-bay creates all the routing, format validation, and definitions-related code for you so you can rapidly begin creating business rules. When developed by hand, this section of your program is more likely to include errors, take longer to complete, and add to your overall technical debt. Its auto-generation is a huge benefit to your production process.


ABSE is a Model-Driven Software Development methodology that lets you generate the code you want.  Turn your development expertise into reusable assets. With the help of AtomWeaver, an IDE that uses ABSE, you may work faster and more efficiently on your software project.

You can generate:

  • Source code files 
  • Project documents and build scripts 
  • XML and XSLT files for websites 
  • Tabular data configuration files, CSV files 
  • Zip archives and other binary files for documentation (through the execution of an external command)


Acceleo is a template-based platform with authoring tools for making unique code generators. It enables you to automatically generate any type of source code from any EMF-compatible data source. 

It has exceptional benefits: 

  • The high degree of interoperability customization 
  • simple start 

Acceleo is the outcome of numerous man-years of research and development that was initiated at the Obeo firm. It is a practical implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) MOF Model to Text Language (MTL) standard.

CSS Code Styling Generator

Using the CSS button generator your buttons will have dynamic features like those on professional-made sites. All of the essential elements that a button builder should have included in CSS Button Generator, but what sets it apart is the ability to customize the hover. You must construct an HTML element, such as a div or button, write the CTA wording, and assign it a class to use the CSS button generator for free. 

Depending on the button’s design options, we’ll discuss how you may update and modify it using CSS and HTML throughout this section. In addition to providing you with some practical advice for working with this type of page element, this article also lists a few plugins and services that will make it simple for you to include attractive buttons on your website. If you want to get the most for your money, you may add just about every page element you can think of to your website with this free option, in addition to eye-catching Call-to-Action buttons. Your pages’ visibility in organic search results will improve with the aid of the design, which may lead to more visitors and sales. 

Additionally, you might want to use numerous CTAs on pages that weren’t created with conversion optimization as their primary goal. CTA location, form positioning, button colors, and more all affect conversion rates, so you should test where you place your CTAs. In comparison to a page with a weaker CTA button, one with a stronger one will convert more visitors. More than just directing visitors from page to page is what an effective CTA button is all about.

CodeSmith Generator

CodeSmith Generator is a software development tool to help you get your job done faster.  It automates the production of common application source code for any language (C#, Java, VB, PHP, ASP.NET, SQL, etc.) using a template-driven source code generator, technically speaking. Both individual templates and complete sets of templates for creating tested architectures are included in the CodeSmith Generator. To generate your code precisely the way you want it, you may quickly alter existing templates or create your own.

The syntax of CodeSmith Generator is quite similar to that of ASP.NET. Therefore, learning the template syntax should not take long if you are familiar with ASP.NET. Your templates can produce any ASCII-based (text-based) language and you can utilize the C# or VB.NET languages in them.


AppGini is a rapid web application development tool that enables developers to build database-driven web applications without any coding. AppGini provides drag-and-drop features for creating tables and linking them to each other, as well as a wide selection of tools for designing data entry forms, reports, and menus. It also allows developers to generate custom scripts in PHP and HTML and provides an intuitive access control system. AppGini also offers support for database integrations and data manipulation techniques.

Summing up

There are always useful tools out there that haven’t yet been identified. By reducing non-product-value tasks and focusing instead on the product, using the appropriate tools can help us achieve our goals. As a result, it is imperative to provide new users with straightforward code-generation technologies that lower entry barriers. Our code can be quickly converted into a low-level language with few or no problems with the right tool.

Thank you for reading this article. We also welcome any feedback from you on this article, as well as on improving our product